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Our strong points

We are a family business and we have a clear marketing policy. The difference in points of view of co-owners
is not a threat to us, unlike in case of other partnerships. Neither are we frightened by the weakness of managing
staff, which happens e.g. in case of limited liability companies. There is no place for mistakes in our company
as we are responsible on pain of forfeiting both whole our own and company’s property. We have a significant,
worked out over years capital at our disposal, which we wittingly invest. We are one of the best distribution companies in Poland. Our many years’ experience enables us to be more than familiar with all market needs.
We are creative, open on novelties and innovations. We guarantee clear and transparent sales policy and full coordination of marketing actions, making sure of which is the responsibility of our whole team.
Thanks to our long-term relations with the trade press the effective advertising campaign is possible at the lowest price level. We see to it that our customers
“play by the rules” and do not go below the minimal price level, which lets us build good, long-term relations. We see to it that there are no goods on the market
which are counterfeits of those we distribute- recently we have effectively managed to eliminate copies of a well known Evaflor line – Whisky
(one of our distribution lines).