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• We have become one of leading Polish distributors thanks to a good choice of market strategy we made
a few years ago which was a result of thorough research and analysis of Polish cosmetic market.
• We base our cooperation with our partners on trust and reliability. Establishing good, long-term business
relations is our priority.
• We listen to our customers, learn their needs and do our best to satisfy them.
• We are flexible and creative which gives us the possibility to adjust quickly to dynamically changing market needs.
• We learn from our competitors and respect them. It is also thanks to them that we are becoming better and better.
• For some business people the very sale growth is already a success. For us it is the beginning; full success comes with content customers recommending us
and our products.
• We want to sell and generate income so as to be able to develop, but we would also like to give our customers proper, effective tools to achieve sales growth
and constant development.

There are numerous reasons why our cooperation can be profitable for you:
• you can get a significant growth of your turnover in Poland
• we are going to increase the number of distributors of the brand
• we are going to eliminate the clients who are not focused on sale to shops and chains but just want to sell the product to their major customers
at the lowest margin, which disorganizes the distribution.
• you are going to gain an engaged distributor with over 20 years’ experience in cosmetic line, who is interested only in long-term business relations,
and a customer whose financial situation is very good.